About us

We believe education is the key
to a more civil society.

Carlos Alvidrez Falconer

MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Passionate about technology and its impact in social dynamics.

Carlos has 20+ years of experience as a technologist working for both startups and Fortune 500 companies in roles that span from Database Administration & Reporting to Credit Risk Modeling, Data Governance & Technology Risk Management. He is currently the CEO of Textopian and Sr. Director of Enterprise Data & Artificial Intelligence Governance at Nike.

He holds a Masters Degree in System Design and Engineering Management from MIT (ESD & SLOAN). He has a passion for social impact technologies that address critical thinking and the creation of a more equitable and civil society.

Jorge Alvidrez Salcedo

Eng. Agronomics
Avid book parser, growing our library so everyone can read online for free.