Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Textopian is a platform for the annotation and discussion of literary works. We believe annotations can improve conversations on the web and we hope communities thrive by sharing knowledge and collaborating.​

We have a set of guidelines for participating in public conversations through comments, reactions and cross-references. By Public, we mean notes or comments that are published set as not explicitly private.​

Use of all and any Textopian services is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to limit, suspend or terminate users who violate these guidelines.​

Things you should do​

  • Be civil. When there’s disagreement, be respectful.​
  • Make sure your comments are relevant, constructive, informative and well-intentioned.​
  • Ask good questions; cite facts and useful data.​
  • Listen.​
  • Educate, share knowledge, lead by example.​

Things you shouldn’t do​

  • Engage in illegal activity.​
  • Circumvent copyright or post copyrighted works in annotations.​
  • Reveal other people’s private information.​
  • Engage in personal attacks, trolling or harassment against other users.​
  • Engage in marketing or advertising of offerings from you or others.​
  • Post explicit content.​
  • Clutter the public channel with test messages.​
  • Use profanity.

Photo credit: Dio Hasbi Saniskoro