Help your students become critical thinkers. Equip yourself with textopian's tools to keep them engaged and to make sure they develop healthy reading and debate habits.


What should your role be in creating a more equitable, tolerant and critical thinking society? How does effective reading, healthy group discussion & debate help us all?

We do not charge teachers.
We believe teachers should not have to pay out-of-pocket.

I figured out how to get good grades early on, and often found myself playing to the test. I got so good at it. Everyone around me was proud of me, it just felt good, and I kept going. When it came to doing my assigned readings, I very often found shortcuts. I relentlessly focused on "academic achievement", at the cost of focusing on learning and of finding my calling.

About 80% of students do not complete their reading assignments.


I have been, in may ways, a victim of my own academic success. I am ashamed to admit I missed on many opportunities to read even the most basic of literature classics, and lived to pay the consequences. I struggle to stay focused, to follow along on the many characters and places, and to actually grasp the essence of what I try to read. I believe I often tricked my professors into believing I read and understood my assigned readings, and through it, robbed myself from the ability to think appropriately.

Students that do not read, become adults unused to process and digest information...

  • voters unused to question arguments...
  • radio listeners unaccustomed to challenge what they hear...
  • untrained social media consumers that become easy targets of misinformation...
  • friends susceptible to manipulation...
  • neighbors deceived by sects and extremist movements...
  • family members that become radicalized through lies and false news...


Ever wondered if your students are actually doing their assigned readings? Do you know which students are lagging behind, before it becomes impossible from them to catch on? Is your class pacing itself? Do you know who is being left behind? Are they becoming fatigued?

Technology might not the culprit, yet search engines are not helping this societal problem. There are myriads of unhealthy shortcuts "our there", and it is  becoming increasingly difficult for teachers to pin-point which students may require which kind of help.

Try it

Use textopian.com, give it a shot and see how it makes a difference in the classroom.

It will give you the data you might have never had before, to better plan your next class. It will help you figure out who might need the most help.

We do not charge students for books or reading materials. We believe education should be affordable.

Contact me at carlos@textopian.com... I will be happy to set you up with a courtesy evaluation account. You love it, spread the word!

Carlos Alvidrez
Founder & Chief Engineer