We are:


We empower each other and encourage ownership and independence.
We appreciate reliability, humility and radical candor because we deeply care about each other.  We appreciate each other's fire in the belly... we grow and tap into it, we follow our passion for literature and education.


We create only genuine relationships.
We foster a psychologically safe environment.
We speak our mind and are vulnerable with each other.

We call each other out when we fail to live up to our values


We are fanatical about meeting our customer's needs.
We actively listen and observe because we know that understanding drives empathy and shapes what we create and how we respond.
We are not just smart. We are ingenious, clever, bright and skilled. Ready to figure things out.
We take risks and relentlessly iterate.

We care

We know education is the key to a better society.We believe literary discussion can change lives.We believe in equity and racial justice.We do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender or sexual preference.We believe in helping our disadvantaged communities.